My new life in Zurich

Good morning peeps, I was quite inactive the past 2 weeks in social media.
The reason is not other than that I started a new life in Zurich. I moved into a commune with two law students, in a cozy apartment and 2 months ago, I started an internship in an advertising agency – which was/is my big big dream since a long long time!
Few privat things changed as well, which wasn’t foreseen and took me by surprise, but I know for myself that this was the best choice I ever made and I have no regrets.
I can do more and bigger things, but I just rested when I reached one big step for a long time and people started to tell me I should stop wasting my time, should focus on building a family bla bla you know how it works in our society – but the thing is, it wasn’t my waste of time, they just didn’t believe what I did and they just had a different mindset, which is totally okay. But it’s not okay to tell someone to give up on their dreams and to live a normal life, since it was never my intention to live a normal life, not with the age of 25 years, I’m just not ready to put my dreams aside, when I know I can do it.

I would never have imagined myself doing that big step, all alone by myself. 9 months ago when the year 2018 has started, my only worries were my exams and the next steps at work in Bern, and here I am, I left my comfort zone and jumped into a big adventure – and trust me when I say, I really loved my life in Bern. No worries about the money, no rush, my friends were like 10-15 minutes away and so on. The urge to pursue and reach my life dream was so big and it literally burned me from inside.

Everything shockingly came together like a puzzle, and every decision I made lead me to this moment, which is beautiful.

At the moment, I finally feel the inner peace – I was searching for a very long time.
I know what I want and I exactly know what I don’t want in my life. My mind is probably at the highest level it has ever been in these 25 years and I can tell, big adventures will happen in the future.
Also I learned to love myself and it is okay to not to be okay. We are not robots, we do have emotions and we all do have a bad day or week, were everything fails – but after a rainy season, the sun will shine and will give you joy, love and happiness. The most important thing is to let those things happen, be aware of the signs and the gut feeling. The most important thing which helped me to come this far is self love and the confidence you put in your dreams. Everything is reachable if you go for it – just try.

It’s my second week in my new home and I really enjoy the freedom I have. I’m all set up in my room and the next step is to organize the living room. We still don’t have any settee/sofa. But I think we’ll get a cozy one soon and then we’ll be able to hold a small inauguration party, YEAAAAY!!

Other plans:

Time flies by fast – in exactly 6 days I’ll go on vacation, guess where?
Mauritius!! It is heaven on earth they said and I’m so excited to celebrate my best friends 25# birthday there. We’ll fly on the 5th of October, afternoon, from Zurich and come back on the 14th October, morning. So we still have a day to recover from vacation? lol

Toronto – I’m coming back, in end of October. My cousin is getting married and I can’t wait to see everyone! ❤ I’m curious how Halloween is in Toronto, since we don’t celebrate it big in Switzerland. I’m pretty sure there will be more than 2 good videos available from that trip lol

End of November I’m going with my best friend Antigona and her little Sister Arta to DISNEYLAND, in Paris. This is literally fulfilling my childhood dream. It’s the first time we are going to Disneyland and we can’t wait to see everything. We also planned to go for a short trip to the Eifeltower, which is an hour away from our hotel. It’s a must! And of course a small break in a typical small french café with cake and champagne. I can’t wait to share everything with you guys. Life is good!

Recommend me anything if you think I have to visit a place, a café or whatever.


till the next blog post –
yours truly, Jashica





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27 years old | addicted to make up, clothes, cake, coffe / tea & books | love to travel around the world ✈️ - exploring is like reading to me, I dive into a new world | living in Zurich, in Switzerland

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