Marina Bay Sands*****

After a night in a Space pod hostel, which was a special experience, we switched over to the 5* star hotel Marina Sands Bay. First impression? The quality of the service was like in Switzerland, if not better (I mean the weather, the warm hearted welcome and the atmosphere). And I knew, this is one place of a few, I’d move without hesitating.

After the check in and all the formalities we dropped everything and went to the infinity pool. It was a bit crowed but so relaxing. For a few hours I forgot about everything, the drinks and the food by the pool and the view.. especially the view, trust me, this is something I’d like to see every morning while swimming lengths.

I love this picture, conquering the world alike..

After relaxing and charging our battery from the intense week in Taiwan we went back to our beautiful room to get ready. I surprised her with a reservation at the popular Lavo bar in Marina Sands + the 20 layered cake & a ladies night (we payed 30.- and champagne was free, you could go as much as you want until 11PM, I think)

Great music, lovely waiters, delicious cake and fireworks along great (tipsy) conversations about life and our friendship. This evening was one of the best with my bestie I ever had.

Watch my Youtube travel video from Singapore. Click here!!

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