Gardens by the Bay

A beautiful huge garden with a lot of lightshows and fireworks, an amazing atmosphere which gives you the feel of exploring another new world.

We went to the garden after 6PM and bought a ticket for the Supertree Observatory for the 8PM show. They have a lot more than the garden or the observatory, make sure to check the attractions before you go to the gardens.

It was mesmerizing! A must if you go to Singapore. But make sure to buy the tickets to go on the observatory for the evening time, to enjoy the light show & fireworks when it‘s dark.

We saw the light show & the fireworks on the ground and then on the observatory, which gave as the opportunity to experience it both ways. 

After this beautiful experience we enjoyed a drink at the Marina Bay Sands, @Lavo bar.

Below you find the website to read everything and book it in advance.





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