Letter to an unfinished chapter

29th of December 2019 \\ 04.06 AM

First of all..  read the first paragraph. 

If you don’t like what you see or read, feel free to close this page and unfollow me – the door is always wide open to go and of course to come and have a chat with me about everything.

To be honest – I don’t care anymore, if someone feels hurt, disturbed or provocated by my content. It’s a free world and I’m living my life for myself and if my words disturb you or hurt you, you’re following the wrong person and the wrong page.
Follow someone who will only write what pleases the society or your soul.

Thanks and lot of warm hugs & love.

I’ve thought a lot about this, if I should post it or not but I always end up with a lot of bad vibes and concerns about a simple text which helped me a lot. I kept it for myself for almost more than a year without thinking of posting it on my blog, but honestly why should I hide it when there are enough people out there who just need to read this to close an unfinished chapter or to make that one step to make peace with themselves?

Know that I finally gave up on finishing the beautiful painting that was ours, that was us. The one we worked on so intimately together for years. I’m burning it – cheers to those lost years, full of unexpected surprises and learned lessons.

To you my lost wandering one, you probably will never know the truth, nor you’d try to understand, you only know your version,.

All those years, I lost myself, drowning deeper until I couldn’t breath and lost the battle of staying conscious. Just because of giving too much of me for something inaudible and untouchable.

When I saw my dreams fleeting away in dense fog, I knew… this is toxic – you are toxic.
It took me years to see the whole painting, but when I did, you and I, were miles apart from each other. 

We’d probably never talk about this nor look each other in the eyes, but know that you were my best friend and no matter where you are and what you do – what we had was a piece of eternity, but clear to fail.

Know that I had to let you go, otherwise I’d sunk into a black hole, which would have sealed me, my dreams and beliefs away.

Know, that I do not wish you any negativity, in fact it’s the opposite. I wish you nothing but the happiness and success you’ve always dreamed of, with the person who can give you that kind of love you wish. Deserving or not, this is my wish for you and I know you will live it someday, soon with someone. 

To anyone reading this, believe and trust in yourself.

Trust your gut feeling more than your brain and heart.
If you feel that something is odd or not right, speak for yourself, stand up for you and walk away if you feel like this is not right, if not you who will?
Know that you deserve better. 

Wholeheartedly closing this, thank you. xx

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27 years old | addicted to make up, clothes, cake, coffe / tea & books | love to travel around the world ✈️ - exploring is like reading to me, I dive into a new world | living in Zurich, in Switzerland

2 thoughts on “Letter to an unfinished chapter

  1. Ich danke dir vielmals…!! han immer denkt bin ellei, die Wörter hend mich richtig zum überlegge bracht und ich mach momentan genau sgliche dure, dank dem wird ich genug Muet ha zum klartext rede! Danke nochmals! Ich hoffe du findsch dis Glück❤️

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  2. hey liebs ❤ sorry esch länger gange..too busy Girl xD jokes by side so, das isch en weg wo me doremacht,..hani scho paar mal müesse ond a dem wird me stärker ond me muess eig immer selber an 1. Stell sii… well es esch ned jede gliich ond es git lüt die schätze alle andere gar ned… blieb wie du bish, verfolg das was di glöcklech macht ❤

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